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Boowa and Kwala Home - songs, games, stories...

Educational games and activities for preschool, kindergarten and primary school kids, or Boowa & Kwala fans of any age !

My hair in my eyes Boowa and Kwala sing a song for the weeping willow (his hair is in a mess).
Dress up for the bagpipe ball Choose a costume for Boowa and Kwala. Then listen to their friend the green monster play a tune...
Wind and windy things It is a very windy day. Grandpa Koala is finding out about things that move in the wind…
A Friendship Heart If you want to give half your heart to your best friend, just follow Grandpa Koalas instructions !
Kwala's flowery field Make Kwala's field as pretty as you please with flowers and insects galore. Then ask her to take a look. Do you think she'll like it?
Choose a Halloween costume... Then sing along to the Trick or treat song.
Dressing up Disco ! Dress Boowa, Kwala and Mawa for a disco party; it's all glitter and stack heels ! You can even print out your favorite costumes !