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Paw print painting games

Choose a paw to paint with, then pick a color... then make a paw print painting !

Match the family members
Choose the mommy, daddy and baby animals that go together.
The rubber ring mobile
Make a colorful Boowa and Kwala mobile ! Perfect for your birthday party, or just for your...
Make breakfast for Daddy
Help Boowa and Kwala prepare a big morning meal.
Kwala's heart maze.
Help Kwala collect all ten red hearts.
One banana, two bananas…
The fruit and vegetable counting song. Sung by Boowa.
Nature Superheroes
Boowa and Kwala are cleaning up... color their capes in red and the rubbish in.... rubbish colors...
Chapter Seven - Boowa and Kwala in the Land of the...
In the Land of the Big Green Monster, Boowa and Kwala find the sixth pretty petal and meet a... big,...
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