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Make a paper snowflake

Grandpa Koala's craft activity for New Year.

Wash Boowa
Boowa wants to wash himself all over. Can you help him ?
Hedgehogs and Mushrooms
Mummy hedgehog and her family and strolling through the mushroom forest. Color them ALL !
Make a heart-shaped envelope
Grandpa Koala's craft activity for Saint Valentine.
Please Say Cheese
Taking photos is fun. It is best when people smile for the photographer, though. This song will...
Kwala is a magician. With her magic wand, she can change a girl into a beautiful butterfly !
Snail Hide and Seek
Try to find Boowa and Kwala's snails, before they find yours !
Parasols on the Beach
Boowa and Kwala are taking it easy int he shade... color them bright, lively colors !
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