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What is hiding here?
Peek through the hole and guess who is there...
Feed the birds
The birds are hungry but Daddy Koala has mixed up the bird food. Can you help give the right food to...
Make a face
Mix and match the hairstyles, eyes, ears, noses and mouths to make a funny face.
Boowa's 20-piece garden jigsaw
Boowa and his bees are all in pieces (16, to be exact). Put them back together.
Yummy Hedgehog and Mushrooms
Make your lunch with a forest feel ! A big, red mushroom and a funny hedgehog. Yummy !
Kwala's great shapes game
These exercises are a little hard for Kwala. Can you add the missing shapes to the sequences in her...
Where is Mummy Cat ?
Can you help the kitten find her mummy ?
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