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The Land of Huge Farms

Boowa and Kwala meet lots of animals on Old MacDonald's very big farm.

The Land of Sary Dinosaurs
Boowa and Kwala wander in the desert and meet a goatherd at an oasis...
Kwala's heart maze.
Help Kwala collect all ten red hearts.
Where in the world?
Match the maps to the countries.
The Big Green Monster - a song
Boowa and Kwala have found a new friend. Let him play along on the bagpipes as you sing this song...
The garage
Kwala's car won't go ! Do you think Boowa can repair it ?
Catch the fruit and hear a joke
First catch all the bananas, then all the pineapple rings. A funny joke awaits you!
Munchie, munchie, munchie
Boowa sings and eats at the same time. Very impolite!
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