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Write to Boowa, Kwala and their families

All your favorite characters are here : Boowa, Kwala, Dawa, Mawa, Siwa, Daddy Koala, Mummy Koala, Grandma Koala, Grandpa Koala. Write to them and they'll write back. Personally.

The dashboard
Click on Kwala's dashboard and listen to the funny sounds her car makes !
The Best Day Since Yesterday
A song for good days... but then all days are good days. So it's a song for every day !
Make face cakes
Grandma Koala's cooking activity for Boowa's birthday.
Snail Race Spinning Tops
Make your own snail spinning tops... then race them !
Fluffy bird activity
Use fluffy pompoms to make some friends for Daddy Koala - a pair of cute tweety birds.
The Land of Hats
Everyone wears a hat. Each hat represents a job...
Write your own music
Hit the number keys on your keyboard to play the bells... Have fun inventing your own tune.
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