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Our friends. Photo gallery - November 2005

Photos of Boowa & Kwala's friends : Lucas, Debbie, Kelly et Teddy, Doriane, Jean Antoine and Ange Pierre, Dorian, Mathéo, Maéva-Chana and Alexandre, Hamina, Lili-Marie, Valentin, Sarah, Kevin, Stessy, Halima and Amel, Katy, Mélissa and sisters, Yann and Mathilde, Laura and Jodie, Clarisse, Mathilde and Hugo, Kenzo, Connor, Melissandre, Amaury, Lucie, Mathias...

The picture dish
Use the food to make a face, a train or a flower... or anything else you like !
Watch the new year come in with Boowa and Kwala
A thrilling night-time firework display.
I love you and you love me
Siwa sings 'I love you and you love me'... That means you are both friends, right ?
Bye Bye We're Moving House
But we'll be closer than we've ever been in our hearts :o)
Painting the Barn
Grandpa Koala has invented a wild and wonderful machine to paint the barn. You can help... with your...
A Chinese Meal
This evening, Boowa and Kwala are eating Chinese. Bring you chopsticks !
Musical ghosts
Help the strange green alien splurge the ghosts. Everyone sings in this game!
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