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Fan's Gallery - August 2005

Wonderful drawings sent to us by: Céline, Elyse, Lucas, Michelle, Gaël, Rose, Manon, Axel, Klara, Cassandre, Camille & Valentin, Lillie, Sohrab, Calypso...

Kwala's pyramid maze
Help Kwala find the cat statues hidden in the maze.
Taking a shower - 16-piece puzzle
Kwala looks clean. But she is having a shower anyway. She LIKES showers!
Who's wearing my hat?
Can you guess who's hats Boowa and Kwala are wearing?
The Land of the Mysterious Jungle
Boowa and Kwala discover the deep, dark, mysterious amazon...
Scarecrow memory game
Which instruments has Dawa used to make THIS scarecrow ? Can you remember all three ? You'll need...
She needs some help. Especially with the heavy...
Siwa's dolls are moving house
I love snow - the song
There are sooooo many things you can do with snow... Boowa and Kwala sing about why THEY love snow....
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