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Does he frighten you...

Who do you think you will find here ? Clue : He's big and he's green... Dot Game

What color do you get - a song
Boowa and Kwala are mixing primary colors... Grandpa Koala knows which colors they will get. Do you...
What kind of noise
You can make a musical instrument out of pretty much anything... Just ask yourself what kind of...
Make your own magician's hat
Grandpa Koala will show you how to make your own pointy magician's hat... for your magic show... or...
Find the hidden shells
There are nine shells hidden in the picture…
Put Boowa and Kwala together...
A sixteen piece fun puzzle.
Boowa and Kwala we are... and Dawa !
The Wawa family... Dawa, Mawa and Siwa are helping Boowa and Kwala perform their favorite song in...
Kwala's animal impersonations...
Can you guess which animal Kwala is pretending to be? There are five in all.
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