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Wind and windy things

It is a very windy day. Grandpa Koala is finding out about things that move in the wind...

A lovely garden scene
Boowa and Kwala are in the garden. Happy Valentine!
Painting the Barn
Grandpa Koala has invented a wild and wonderful machine to paint the barn. You can help... with your...
Big Fat Tum
After a good meal, how do you feel ? This song says it all for Boowa and Kwala !
What have you got in your pot ?
Boowa and Mummy Koala are cooking up strange bubbling potions in their cauldrons. Kwala is curious...
Chapter Eleven - Boowa and Kwala in the Land of the...
In the Land of the Jolly Snowman, Boowa and Kwala find the tenth pretty petal and meet a... jolly...
Sort shells for Boowa's collection
Help Boowa sort his shells by color, or pattern... then find the shells with little beasties in them...
Daddy's song.
Kwala will teach you the song - you sing it to dad.
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