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Rubber Ring Swim

Ready fopr a dip ? Boowa, Kwala and Mawa have remembered to bring their rubber rings... don't forget your crayons !

Throw you the ball
Mawa, Boowa and Kwala are playing catch. And singing a fun song while they do it ! Sing along with...
Make you own gift tags - activity
It looks like you embroidered them. But you won't need a needle or any thread. Just card, pens,...
Shapes and Shadows
Which shadowy animal shape is the one that Siwa is making ?
Snail Race Spinning Tops
Make your own snail spinning tops... then race them !
Moving House
You decide how to decorate the new dolls' house.
The Guitarist
Sing the song YOU think Dawa is playing as you color the picture !
Painting Workshop
Boowa and Kwala have got paint all over their tunics... color in their paint spots !
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