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Yummy Strawberry dishes for you to make

Can you make these four scrumptious recipes for Boowa and Kwala ? They all have strawberries in them. But none of them have lemon. Ugh !

The dashboard
Click on Kwala's dashboard and listen to the funny sounds her car makes !
The Best Day Since Yesterday
A song for good days... but then all days are good days. So it's a song for every day !
Make face cakes
Grandma Koala's cooking activity for Boowa's birthday.
Snail Race Spinning Tops
Make your own snail spinning tops... then race them !
Fluffy bird activity
Use fluffy pompoms to make some friends for Daddy Koala - a pair of cute tweety birds.
The Land of Hats
Everyone wears a hat. Each hat represents a job...
Write your own music
Hit the number keys on your keyboard to play the bells... Have fun inventing your own tune.
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