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Tiny Little Tickly Ants

When a tiny little black ant walks on me.... It makes me laugh, ha ha ha ha hi !

The Echos
Dawa offers to take Boowa and Kwala to make echos in the mountains…
Ten pin bowling with Boowa
Color in the bowling alley, the ball, Boowa and the pins... then... STRIKE!
Siwa's shadow animal friends
Siwa is having fun inventing animal friends on her bedroom wall. Can you guess which animals she has...
In the farmyard with the fowl
But where do you think the hen eggs are ?
I found it !
Is the treasure lost... or just hiding ?
Where's my cow?
Guess which door the cow is hiding behind.
Dangerous Product Icons
Learn to recognize these icons. You will see them at home, at school... BUT don't touch them !
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