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Boowa et Kwala - L'index des jeux

L'index des jeux te permet d'accéder à tous les jeux du site...

Hooray for Christmas
Kwala invented this special Christmas song... She wants you to jump up and down and cheer ! Can you...
Fun Painting
Boowa and Kwala are 'helping' Grandpa Koala paint the barn... Find some fun colors that will make...
Painting Eggs
Boowa and Kwala are decorating eggs for Easter. Can you help them ?
Your Letter to Santa Claus
Just write what you want, and make the letter pretty with bright, jolly, Christmass-y colors... Then...
Dangerous Product Icons
Learn to recognize these icons. You will see them at home, at school... BUT don't touch them !
The Geckos - 25 piece-puzzle
Geckos are a funny kind of lizard. And they make a funny squelchy sound when they walk!
Swans in a pond
Boowa and Kwala are in a dream land. Color them in... and the swans and the frogs and the...
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