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Trouve les formes et les couleurs

Clique sur tout ce qui est rouge, puis tous les triangles...

I Don't Want to Sleep Alone
Sing with Siwa (your parents can sing with Mawa and Dawa !)
Left bank, right bank
Boowa and Kwala are on the left bank of the lake. Can you help Boowa to row them over to the right...
Kwala's pyramid maze
Help Kwala find the cat statues hidden in the maze.
Dressing up Disco !
Dress Boowa, Kwala and Mawa for a disco party; it's all glitter and stack heels ! You can even print...
I Love to Run
If you like sliding, hopping, walking, skipping and running... sing along with Boowa and Kwala !
Painting the Barn
Grandpa Koala has invented a wild and wonderful machine to paint the barn. You can help... with your...
The Disco Microphone
Make your very own Mega-Disco-Micro. Then use it to perform a song for your family!
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